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Fuel the Vision

Over the years we’ve been inspired by many accomplished women. We’ve read about “leaning in” and negotiating for what we want and deserve. We’ve been moved by women like Oprah Winfrey, Tracy Moore, Christine Sinclair, Lilly Singh and most recently, Kamala Harris. Which makes us wonder — how did they manage their careers before they became household names? How did they manage teams, make decisions and balance their life?

Instead of trying to recreate their history, we decided to ask our network of accomplished women from different fields how they manage their career. How their presence made a difference in the workplace. These women may not all be familiar names (yet!) but they are a true inspiration to us. They are your everyday FABULOUS women. The ones with a strong work ethic and the ability to get sh*t done while uplifting one another. 

We think it’s time the world is inspired by women like you, to help educate why our diverse opinions matter and start a meaningful conversation.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting stories and eventually launching a podcast about the women we’ve reached out to for this project. 

Help spread the word! #FuelTheVision 

Who We Are

Samiksha Khanna, CPA, CMA

Samiksha has a background in Finance and Operations working in Tech companies over the last 20 years.  She is one of the founding members of The Big Push, Project Fabulous and currently the COO at Uberflip.

She has worked internationally focusing on designing and implementing business operations, developing policies that promote company culture and vision and establishing go-to market plans.

Eden Spodek, Co-Founder Fuel the Vision

Eden Spodek

With more than 25 years of digital communications and marketing experience, Eden helps companies develop programs that transform brands, build relationships and grow businesses in a way that is seamless, smart and strategic.

She is the Founder of Spodek & Co., a Founding Partner of and active contributor to The Big Push, and co-developed the Digital Strategy and Communications Management certificate program at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Learn more.


Iris Simpson

Iris Simpson

Iris Simpson has a very rich legacy in Canada’s fashion industry as a former buyer for international designers. She has been a fixture in the Toronto fashion scene as a stylist for over 25 years and is presently working alongside some of Canada’s top fashion...

Misty Dodd

Misty Dodd

I am a people and culture executive who has been around the block in terms of working through business ups and downs as well as having worked in a variety of industries. I wear multiple 'hats' on any given day and love the variety my role provides. What do you want...

Cerys Goodall

Cerys Goodall

By being excellent, you enable others to be excellent. This mindset has fundamentally changed how I approach work, how I empower my team, and rings true at every stage of career development and in building my businesses (The Goods, previously, and now...