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Speaker, Author, Host, Entrepreneur
I am an entrepreneur, bestselling author, award-winning podcast host, blogger, keynote speaker, and TV/radio host. I started my career during the dot-com boom in San Francisco and have since been at the forefront of reporting on and participating in digital innovation.

My entire goal in our business is to always add more value and exceed expectations. I am also not afraid of hard work.

What would you like to see more of in the workplace?

I’d like to see more people support rising stars in different communities. I think this extends to finding opportunities to lead from below.

What characteristics and/or qualities do you admire in the women you work with?

I admire many women in my life. I especially appreciate those women who have a positive attitude and don’t stop moving forward because of one step backwards.

What advice did you wish you were given earlier in your career?

Pay more attention to contracts and agreements (and the details within).  I now know the importance of fighting for your side of the relationship.

How do you think COVID-19 will change the future of work for women?

This has been an especially challenging time for women who need support and help at home and at work but are often hesitant to ask for that support.

How do you think we can increase diversity in the workplace?

I think we need to think about diversity of gender, race, and age. I mention the last one because there is a lot of ageism in the world of work, but so much we can learn from those around us with decades of experience.

What is one example of a positive, memorable experience you’ve had in your career?

I’ve had many memorable experiences, both good and bad. I’d have to say that the first time I stepped on stage to interview Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Shopify’s Tobi Lutke was probably the most terrifying and exciting.  

What was one belief you had that you later realized was a myth?

When I was a little girl, I thought I would marry a successful man and that would be my destiny. I didn’t think I could be that person, but here we are.

Why are you fabulous?

I really don’t think I’m fabulous at all. I’m pretty down-to-earth, but I love to work, build, and grow – and every minute of the day I’m in the game.

Do you have a mantra or quote that inspires you?

“I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” – Margaret Thatcher

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